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DAY ONE:Some photos taken today at Rupea girls orphanage in Romania. The students and staff representatives from St. Patrick's College brought

them fruit and some other essentials, and spent time talking to them, singing, taking plenty of selfies and ended the afternoon with a snowball fight. An enjoyable day had by all! Everyone safe and sound!


DAY TWO:Today our group from St. Patrick's College visited Timis, a home for men and women with special needs. We brought them to McDonald's for something to eat and spent money on chairs and other essentials for them. A very enjoyable day was had by all.
We also visited Lizuca and Patrocle Orphanage which houses young boys and girls. We spent time playing cards and clapping games with them which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We bought them a new dishwasher, along with food and other essential items needed. More updates to follow over the course of the week


DAY THREE: Our group's afternoon in Prejmer was spent decorating masks for the parade before the kids went home. Prejmer is a centre for kids of all ages where they go to spend times completing art and craft work. A lot of time and effort is put in by staff to making this a fun place to be. Money was spent on paint, paint brushes and cleaning supplies but both schools also purchased a sewing machine for the older girls to use to make table cloth, clothes and other items. This will allow the girls in Prejmer to lead a new skill.


DAY FOUR: The students of St Patrick's College and St Paul's visited Lunca Calnicului School which caters for students from the age of 5 to 16 years. During our visit the Romanian students played some beautiful traditional music and sang some songs. We were greeted with a wonderful song about healthy eating, sung in English. Money raised by students from both schools has been used to install window blinds into some of the classes which will allow the students to work better in warmer weather. We bought them a new computer and hope to buy a new white board and markers for one of the classes. Unlike our own schools, projectors are a luxury they have little of, so both schools have decided to help them fund a new projector for their school.


DAY FIVE: Today we visited a local kindergarden were we brought some presents for the children. Children between the ages of 3-5 spend their day being looked after by qualified teachers from 8-5pm, they are learning to read English written books and are learning to speak English also. Our second visit of day with to 2 side by side orphanages called Chip and Dale which houses teenage boys and girls. We called to say hi to all and brought them some food and other essential items. Our last visit of the day was to Cristiana Elderly Shelter which by far was the best visit of the day. The students of St Patrick's College and St Paul's entertained the residents with traditional Irish music and singing and we had some dancing with the residents. We also spent some time with residents unable to get out of bed. One resident gave a gift of a tin whistle to one of the students. Our students were overwhelmed by this visit.