Mission Statement

'Together Inspiring Generations'

Our Mission is to work as a school community in partnership with parents and our local community to inspire future generations.

Over the last few years, St. Patrick's College has developed and transformed itself to meet changin needs, aptitudes and aspirations of new generations in Dungannon and the surrounding area.  Our Mission serves to Inspire and inform, signposting our direction and providing a springboard for our creativity.

It is the mission and purpose of St Patrick's College Catholic School to provide a quality education which has at the centre of its organisation, its activities and its relationships; catholic values, attitudes and beliefs that reflect the ideals of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
St Patrick's College is a Catholic School Community where all students are respected, valued, trusted, and guided according to the values of our faith.

• The curriculum develops each student's personalities and talents to the full.  Our school is committed to the education of the whole person. We provide our students with a spiritual, academic and extra curricular environment where high expectations and high achievement are reflected.

• Students are challenged to be the best they can in all aspects of their lives.  Supported by concerned and dedicated teaching and non teaching staff; students are encouraged and supported to make their best effort in all aspects of school life.

• Our school respects the dignity of each student.  We aim to provide an environment that is moral, understanding and joyful. The students learn to communicate with others respectfully, with curtesy and with consideration.

• Every student has the right to say what they think and to have their views taken seriously.  Our student voice is active and influences the running of the school. The students learn to share their views with respect for the views and the opinions of others.

• Students at St Patrick's College learn to balance their rights as individuals with their responsibilities to others.  As a community, centred on Christ, we encourage students to participate in the wider community of different races and faiths; thus respecting and cherishing all people. They learn to make a positive contribution to their school, local and global communities.


This Mission Statement is based on articles 3, 12, 23, 28, 29 and 31 from the UNCRC to which our school is committed.