The School has a well defined pastoral care policy and practices. The Pastoral Care Policy within the school aims to ensure that all aspects of school life are firmly rooted in Christian principles and that both staff and pupils are valued as individuals. We strive to give pupils a secure, well ordered, caring school which will allow for their spiritual, emotional, academic and social development. The Pastoral Care Policy will reflect the overall aims of the school.

Aims of the School

  •  To support high standards of teaching and learning within the school.
  •  To develop in every student a sense of self worth and to raise their self esteem.
  •  To support all members of staff in creating a moral, understanding and joyful environment.
  •  To promote responsible attitudes and values and to respect the contribution and views of others.
  •  To promote parental awareness of their responsibilities and commitment to the school ethos, aims and policies.
  •  To provide students with the skills necessary to participate fully in the life of the school and the wider community.