Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Fundamental to our pastoral approach is the promotion of our caring ethos and good relationships throughout the school community.  Our pastoral care is intrinsically linked to our positive partnership with parents.  The role each of us plays in providing quality care for our pupils is outlined in the colleges positive behaviour policy.

The College Chaplain - The college chaplain supports staff and students in personal, emotional and spiritual development.

The College Counsellor - Is available for all students

Form Teachers - The form teachers have daily contact with our pupils and monitors work, behaviour and well being.

Year Head - The year head is the first point of contact for parents of our students and have overall responsibility for students in their year.  This enables the year head to take the role of learning manager and direct their students at key transistion stages.  At post 16, the sixth form director of studies takes overall responsibility for our students in year 13 and year 14

The pastoral work is linked closely to the work of the careers department, preparing our pupils to make informed decisions and guiding our senior pupils with UCAS applications for third level education.

Senior Teacher - A senior teacher co-ordinates the pastoral programme and is the designated teacher for child protection with the added responsibility of safe guarding children.

Prefects - The sixth year prefect team act as role models for our students and have a leading role to play in the pastoral care of our younger students.  The prefects take a leading role in administering the breakfast club available free of charge for all our pupils from 8.15am each morning until 8.50am.

Buddy Scheme - Senior students also act as "Buddies" for our Year 8 students to help ensure a smooth transition from primary school to secondary.